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Hi Kane, I’m new to the community.
I used to be in the software industry and have been homeschooling my kids full-time for the last several years.
My revenue over the last 90 days is negative 400.00 or so
I sell on the Amazon platform
I am focusing on wholesale however, started with RA
My super talent is Project Management and serving people
I struggle with getting all the pieces in place to start increasing my revenue to bring in a positive cashflow to our household.

Hi, New member here.

My experience with ecom goes way back to May 2019, I did my first course + began building my first store using the aliexpress/oberlo model.

I did my second course October 2019 and began running fb ads for that store. Over all my total expenses (2 courses, running fb ads, copywriters for product descriptions & website content, platform fees, SaaS tools etc) came to approximately $8,000 AUD with total income being around $1,200. I didn’t really knwo what i was doing but I did learn alot.

I could clearly see the potential which lead to the decision to really learn every single detail of how a professional, evergreen sustainable eCommerce business operates as opposed to the gimmicky dropshipping trend exploiting unsustainable fluff taught by the majority of youtube gurus who I’ve never heard utter the worlds “Standard Operating Procedures” Such a crucial aspect overlooked by everyone I’ve ever followed.

I even cleared my subscriptions and made sure to subscribe to only the top 20 dropship youtubers & “digital marketers” so my notifications were nothing but ecommerce/dropshipping. I saturated my feed with it. What a waste of time that was. If only i knew to just learn the fundamental SOPs of small to medium ecommerce business from the get go…

I’m excited to learn and implement as I go. Sky’s the limit. Hope everyone stays safe during these unforeseen circumstances with COVID19 and what have you.

Best regards
Adis K