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Hi @Trent-Admin

I hope you can provide me some light.

We are working with a Manufacture that is asking us how we can help them to protect their MAP policy. I start reading about the topic and my understanding is that we should first Registrated the Brand on Amazon. Ones it’s registered the brand owner can request to gated the brand or a group of ASIN and provide a list of Amazon third-party sellers that are allowed to sell.

Is this is possible? Do you have any experiences in helping a brand on this process?

I don’t have any experiences in this process and I don’t want to lose the trust if at the end I cannot keep my promise. The information I found online it’s all over where some will said that this is possible others claim that Amazon will do little or nothing for medium to small companies.

Thanks in advances


So a brand can’t request to be gated. However, if they are having a lot of counterfeit issues Amazon is more likely to gate them. In order to report counterfeit issues, they first will need to be brand registered.

MAP is a totally separate issue, as Amazon doesn’t care about MAP. However, creating and enforcing a MAP policy will help the brand get pricing control online. And there have been lawsuits won where the legal argument was something along the lines of, MAP violations can be interpreted as copyright violations.


Hi Liz,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Do you have any recommendations on where I can find a lawyer that can represent us? I believe we have a strong case, but not sure how to find a good lawyer.

Thanks, ones again!