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Amazon FBM

Hello everyone!

Can you help me know how much FBM cost?

@Bitclu are you just looking for shipping estimates? Rates will depend on where you are located and if you are buying shipping through Amazon, a third party, or directly from carriers. The best thing to do is go to the USPS website and create some shipments at different weights to the furthest shipping zone from you. That will give you your highest possible shipping rate. You can then assume all orders will likely be less than that if buying shipping through Amazon.

But I read somewhere that FBM will not help me earn the buy box. Is it true?

With very rare exceptions, you won’t get the Buy Box selling FBM unless you’re priced below FBA… for a $20ish product, about 8% below. So your sales will be limited to people who choose to select FBM instead of FBA. There are a small number of those who will, but generally if there are FBA sellers, you won’t make significant sales unless you’re selling FBM on a very high volume product.

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So, which is better? FBM or FBA with respect to cost and sales

FBA is generally going to get you more sales at a lower cost.