Amazon Product Listing Removed


One of my products has been removed. I reached out to AmZ support and the product was removed as the product does not respect the intellectual property rights of others. Your listings might be using the trademark “brand x” incorrectly.

My product is to be used with brand x. Brand x’s name was on the listing. I believe because it had the brand’s name, it was removed.

Can you please advise what would be the best way to reinstate the product?


@D.Jin Sometimes if you have “compatible with” before the brand name Amazon won’t flag the listing but that isn’t always the case. Depending on how much the listing is worth to you, you may hire an outside company to appeal the restriction. Otherwise, you will have to put an appeal in yourself and make your case.

I’d recommend searching for “Intellectual Property Violations” in Seller Central Help. Check the forums and see what you can learn about the process. These cases are tricky so do your research before getting on the phone with Amazon.

Thank you for your help! Putting ‘compatible with’ fixed the issue.

Glad to hear it @D.Jin!