Amazon Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) formula?

I read that you should have a VTR >= 95%, but that certain items are not included in the VTR calculation?

  • Small items that are < $10 (including shipping costs) and shipped via USPS
  • Freight items using a carrier that has no relationship with Amazon

But then I also read that there’s certain categories that are exempt from the VTR calculation. However I couldn’t find a list of these.

Can anyone verify this? I’m planning to start selling some smaller/cheaper items, and want to figure out the most affordable shipping method, but of course also want to keep my VTR high.

@jims I didn’t see any excluded categories from VTR calculations. They do, however, break your VTR down by category and a VTR < 95% in a category can restrict your ability to fulfill items yourself in that category. You may still be able to sell in other categories though if your VTR > 95% in that category.

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