Are you struggling to overcome the objection: we don't want any new Amazon sellers?

This is an extremely common objection and one that you need to get good at dealing with if you want to succeed. I have a very specific way that I deal with this and am happy to answer your questions.

If you have a question, please reply to this post and be as specific as you can.


Hello Trent. I am new to Webs and Flowster (got this through TWF Live). I recently got my first Brand rejection. The answer was not only “no”, but actually a well thought out “no”.

This was their answer - We are not accepting applications from any new Amazon resellers for one primary reason. We already have several major Amazon resellers offering our products on Amazon. Each of them is studying our price list, and looking for opportunities based on our prices. The result is that they are often competing with each other for the for sales on the same products. This has resulted in strong competition between our resellers to have the best price, reducing each’s margins. We do not see the point of adding more competition for the same basket of goods. We get the same sales, but our customers lose margin.”

Any thoughts? I am brand new to selling on Amazon using the TWF method (Wholesale) and I have watched you at TWF Live and I love your approach in general, but I could use help on how to handle this. Thank you.


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That is a very common objection. Here’s a video where I walk through how I handle it

In addition, the key things you are looking for are:

Are their listings well optimized?
Do they rank on page 1 for the keyword they are targeting in the title?
Does the product show up in the sponsored product ads for that keyword? (if not, this is a huge missed opportunity)
Are the current sellers replying to negative product reviews?

What you are looking for are reasons to show them that their current sellers aren’t doing a good enough job. You can want to find a way to get your foot in the door to show them you are better.

Perhaps they would agree to let you sell on of their less popular products so you can show what you can do?

Remember, this is all about demonstrating knowledge and building trust. That is not likely on the first interaction, so you must be persistent!

Thanks for posting your question :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I appreciate the help.


Have sold a brand on Amazon for many years at a profit above their retail price as have other sellers. Now, they are saying they don’t want to sell to resellers. Have not approached them to pursue an exclusive Amazon deal. They have a website where they push their products, and not sure of their Amazon strategy or if they have one. Guess the approach I need to take is to sell them on my expertise and the full potential of Amazon.

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Yes, you need to ensure they have a very clear understanding of how you can be an asset to their company. Start by asking questions to uncover what is most important to them and then figure out if their priorities are aligned with value you can provide.

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