Best va practices

Should we have a VA to only to compile brands and then 1 to do the extraction or depends on the ability of the VA ? I assume that will be the answer but what is best practice?

I think it depends on the strengths of your VAs. We typically have one find competitors, then every VA will do Product Extractions around other tasks.

Thank you. Also, at one point do we do product extraction? Once I get like 1000 companies on a list or is there a base line number to generally look at then do hire for extraction ?

@Brandon_Bouchereau a Product Extraction is done for each competitor that you find on amazon (so a competitor storefront)–and not per brand. If you are looking to do an extraction process per brand you would follow the Brand sourcing procedures.

I’m sorry that’s what I meant

What I meant to ask is we send the 300 emails per week to potential storefronts we want to source product from. However, in order to send that many emails to different brands we need to find like 1000 storefront brands …are you understanding what I’m trying to ask? I feel like I may be confused about difference btw storefront brand and product brand

I see! Unfortunately there is no rule of thumb number. This varies greatly by the filters you use when extracting, the number of products a competitor has, the category the competitor is in, etc. Sometimes a Product Extraction can produce 100 leads or 0 leads. It is pretty impossible to pick a generic number.

We communicate with our VAs on how many emails we want to send that week, and it is up to them to make sure we consistently have that number of leads in Hubspot for contact.

A storefront is not a brand, a storefront is a list of products that a competitor on Amazon sells. A product brand is the brand that manufactured the product. For example: Seller A sells Colgate Toothpaste. The Storefront would be “Seller A’s” storefront, the product brand would be “Colgate”. Hope that helps!

Yes I understand . Just to be clear if storefront A has a product I want to source . That lead name goes towards my 300 emails per week to send to…correct ?

Seller A’s Storefront has a product you want to source. To source this you would enter Seller A into the competitor tracking document, a VA would use PC2 to extract all of Seller A’s products, this would create a Product Extraction spreadsheet. This Product Extraction spreadsheet holds all of the products and brands that Seller A sells on Amazon. The products that work for you get imported to Hubspot, then you contact the brands of those products.

Gotcha ! Thanks for clarification and prompt response

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How do I give permission for my VA to run price checker 2? I gave permission for my seller central account but my VA still cant enter . Need some help @Laura

@Brandon_Bouchereau PC2’s website has a direct help video to show how to download and use PC2 (so does Leaf Sourcing step 2).

You will need to give your VA your PC2 credentials (which will be separate from your Amazon Seller Central credentials).

Once you add a user to your Amazon Seller Central account, you need to go back and change their permissions. This is shown in the AMAZON: How to Edit Permissions in Seller Central.

For more specific questions you can always email

How many people/VAs do you estimate to have in order to reach the target you guys recommend of 300 emails per week?

I’m hiring a VA in the next week or two. I had 3 last year, and it just did not go well. I’m sure it was something I did. But, is laziness my fault? Probably. It is difficult for me to know if I have the right person. The next VA is being trained by another VA for someone else. I’m looking forward to see how this works out.

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That depends on the number of hours they work, and the other tasks they are assigned. We currently have 4 VAs.