Blackbox: Amazon Product Research Tool


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What is Black Box?

Black Box is a Helium 10 tool that helps sellers narrow down a list of potential products to sell and focus on a selection of products that are the right fit for you.

Over 450 million products are tracked with Blackbox.

This helps you streamline the product research, providing insightful information that analyzes product competition, revenue, and market statistics.


Thank you, I can’t wait to use this SOP. I love Helium 10 tools and I am gradually switching over to their suite off tools as my subscriptions end for other tools I have been using.

Cool thanks will check this out

Hi all, first post! I’ve been seeing people talk about Helium10 on facebook, and I watched the video on their site about all of it’s functionality, but what SaaS/tools is it capable of replacing?

For example, I assume you could use H10 to replace Scope?

Has anyone taken all the keywords/phrases they discovered using H10 and thrown them into teikametrics fly-wheel?