BO's Contact Info Research Linkedin paid account VA access

Hello all, I was hesitant to let my VA sign into my personal linkedin profile to use linkedin professional business to search for contact information.

So, I created a new personal linkedin profile to connect my company page. Linkedin will not let you create a company page with a separate login. Now, I find that even with linkedin professional business (unlimited 3rd degree searching) I’m still getting blocked from doing three degrees of separation searching, because my second profile only has a couple connections.

Did anyone else feel a little uneasy with handing over your personal linkedin page to your VA to gather email info?


You have to trust your VA to do so many things… I definitely prefer to give login info to a VA I’ve worked with a little while. We also do keep a list of all the sites/apps they have login info for, and change passwords when someone leaves or is terminated.

@Cameron.B I totally get your concern. I’ve also been nervous about this, but have been outsourcing tasks online for over 10 years now and have yet to run into an issue where someone did something “bad” with my credentials.

I know, it’s hard to fully trust strangers from across the world, but at some point you just need to :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies (Liz and Zaid). I already went ahead and got premium business and changed my login credentials for my VA on Sunday. I pretty much knew that there wasn’t going to be another option, but maybe there is a creative solution floating around out there.

I’ve definitely become better and better at finding the things that make me hesitant, and I’m getting better about just plowing ahead. If emotions are getting to you, then you know you’re going in the right direction.

You could just give them credentials trough lastpass.

@Themachine That would work well. You would have to create a separate LastPass account that only contained VA necessary credentials. Don’t give them your personal account.

@Themachine and @Mitch, I did play around with lastpass several months ago.

I don’t see how lastpass would offer any advantage. Once a VA is signed into any account they can reset the email and password.

@Cameron.B it won’t help with security but would just make it easier when adding new VAs or changing passwords. It would eliminate the need to send them 8 or 10 username and passwords. Password updates would automatically be passed to the VA when you change it also.

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Ok, I recognize that.

@Cameron.B you may want to consider the LastPass Sharing feature rather than creating a new LastPass account and giving your VAs access. With Sharing they don’t get to see the password, then if you have to let the VA go, you just revoke the share.

The one limitation with this, however, is if they’re logged into your account on a site, revoking a LastPass share does not log them out automatically. So if you’re concerned they may do something “bad” you should still manually reset the passwords in those cases.

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@Kane, the sharing feature does ring a bell, but I’m not sure I fully looked into it, now I will.