Brand Registry Registered Agent Issues

Our first brand is trying to add us as a registered user but we keep getting the below response from the cases they are creating. The weird thing is that they keep saying the email is associated with multiple accounts and they don’t allow multiple accounts with a specific email. Also, they keep saying to create a new account with Brand Registry but every time I talk to the regular Seller Central support department, they tell me to definitely not create a new account. Can you shed some light on what needs to be done? Do I need a new brand registry account for each brand we work with?

Greetings from Amazon Brand Registry Support,

Thank you for contacting us. I am John Daniel and I will be assisting you.

I understand that you would like to add the role of Registered Agent for brand ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ to the account associated with ‘xxxxxxxxx’.

On checking, I see that the email address ‘xxxxxxxxx’ is associated with multiple accounts in our database. Unfortunately, we cannot process role assignment requests for email address that have multiple accounts associated with it.

In order to have access to Brand Registry, we recommend that you create new Brand Registry account using a new email address after which it can be added as a role.

Brand Registry account creation link

Once the above step is followed and a brand registry account is created, please follow the same procedure as on this case to raise a request of “Updating role or add a new user to account”. This will help us process the role assignment.

Your understanding on this issue are appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

@jdsbls0410 There have been several strange stories I’ve heard from sellers using the Brand Registry program of late. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer from this and don’t want to give you bad advice or false information. I would just keep hounding Amazon until they give you exact instructions on what you need to do. It sounds like they want you to create a new email within your company domain but I’d be sure that’s what they are looking for before you tie it to the account.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Have you successfully registered for the brand? I can help you to register on the brand registry