Brands with a Single Amazon Seller

What are the most effective ways to convince a brand that has a single Amazon seller that adding me as an additional seller would be beneficial to them?

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I think that possibly the most crucial argument may be that they don’t control the platform and cannot control actions Amazon may take that would hurt them.

Seller accounts get shut down all the time for errors on the seller’s part or from tricks performed by competitors. One easy way competitor’s due this is by paying for fake reviews for your products to make it seem as if you are the one doing so and thereby violating Amazon Terms of Service. Adding another seller prevents loss of sales and skyrocketing BSR in cases where the original seller’s account is suspended or shut down.

What are some other good reasons to having more than one Amazon seller?


@Mitch spot on. For those of you like me that have no clue how cutthroat it is out there. This will wake you up a bit.

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@Dennis Ya that is a great article. Thank you for that!

Thanks Dennis, this article is very informative.

@Mitch, I take a little issue with the framing of your question. The whole art of selling it to not sell anything. Here is what I mean. If you listen to any of Trent’s podcasts or watch any of his video’s the key that most people miss when he talks about talking with brands is that he knows he has something the brand needs. Most people approach brands in the totally opposite mind set. (ie I need this brand for my business) When you have properly prepared for the call, researched their listings, researched their offline business, know your value proposition, etc you don’t need to sell anything. Your whole call is about sharing the research that you did on their business. If a brand does not see your value when you share all this information with them, don;t waste your time “convincing” them to do anything. Once you convince them to do something once, you will have to continue to “convince” them again and again and again…


@Dennis, great article. :smile:
I remember read this in January.

Good point @MattB. I battle to frame this correctly based on how well the brand has optimized its distribution channels. For well optimized brands, it can be tough to show exactly why the brand needs you but there are always areas that could be improved. Either they will agree that improving in these areas are worth another seller or they won’t.

@Mitch if a brand is already optimized you will probably need to get real creative in order to show them you are different than the typical Amazon seller in order for them to be interested in you. It depends on their size and current online presence. You could see if they would be interested in having you manage their Amazon business in exchange for being a seller. If you create enough value in their eyes they will work with you.

Also, one thing that I try to remember is no might mean not right now. Come back to them in 3-6 months and see if anything has changed.

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I first will say that I have only been selling on AMZ since jan 1 2019.But have been in sales for 15 years. I have spoken with many brand only listrs (i will call them) Unless they are an APPLE or other high profile brand with a product that requires 100 % control of the distribution chain. (99% don’t need 100% control) These brands are just small minded. Instead of having systems in place to police 1,2,3,10 good sellers. They don’t have systems to they just have BOB manage the amazon thing. (even if they do a good job). They are small minded because if they thought like NIKE. Kellogg, Ridgid. They would spend money, create systems and then just focus on making products and letting the sales to others. (ie walmart)

I say all that to say this. The way that I have been able to get a few of these brands (even with my limited amz selling) is to let them bloody their nose, get 4 different kinds of dog pooh kicked out of them and when I do my (MILLION $$$$ WORD NEXT) FOLLOWUP CALLS. Be there to say, I told you so. I am there to ask if they are ready to do it a bit more intelligently.

With ALL small minded people/companies the only thing that works is letting them fail until they learn the hard way.

I guess this dissertation could be much shorter by saying.
Call, Listen/pitch your idea. Followup and Followup and Followup.

That is all.


@scottschmitz well said!