Brick and mortar store?

How do you overcome a BO that won’t even talk to anyone unless you have a brick and mortar store?

@Mitch @Trent_Dyrsmid Might have some insights!

@terrifetters Unfortunately, this is the stance some brands take and they typically stick to it. You can press with value adds and ask to speak to whomever is in charge of online sales but you may get shut down.

That’s why having a brick and mortar location is very helpful for getting your foot in the door. You may consider finding some small space to use as a retail location. You can also reach out to existing mom and pop stores in your area to see if you can work out a deal for some shelf space.

There is no go to line to get around we won’t deal with you unless you have a retail store. You either need to find some space that will work, or point out enough problems with their online presence that they’d be crazy not to talk to you.

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You simply do your best to get them on the phone and if you can’t, move on.

To encourage them to take a call, you might say something like, “I completely understand your desire to have all tour Amazon sellers be brick and mortar retail partners. The question I have for you is this: if I could make a compelling reason for you to make an exception to this rule (and I believe I can), would that be worth 10 minutes of your time?”

If they say yes, you better have your ducks in a row.

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Would this help?

I am very curious about this as an option as well. I’m hoping someone will provide some feedback as this is the first time I’ve seen this type of service.

I emailed this service and they sent me info about their service. While it sounds interesting, I’m sceptical. I would only use it if I had a reference from someone who had already used them with positive results. If anyone in this forum has used brikmorsolutions, I would be interested in hearing about it.

They had a stall has TWF Live, but some of the members didn’t think it was very ethical approach as one doesn’t get dedicated store space/booth space.
But for 300 dollars a year, wouldn’t it be worth it as once we get an account, we could help the brand with their Amazon?
We wouldn’t be lying when we say we have a brick and mortar with a partner.

Hi! We own BrikMor Solutions. We are always upfront with the brands when they ask if we sell on Amazon. We tell them the majority of our sales come from Amazon. If they do not want their products on Amazon, we do not encourage other sellers to be dishonest and sell their products anyway. Sellers are allowed to send products into the store if they want to. As you said, its just an avenue to get in the door to help brands with Amazon as long as they don’t mind you selling their items on Amazon.

But if we send products, will it always remain on shelves or will you remove it from the shelves once you send us the pictures?