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I have an Amazon FBA RA business which sells 500-600k per year. The business is named something like “Acme Internet” and I have had this DBA registered business for over 10 years.
Trent suggests/recommends setting up an LLC as a first step in starting wholesale/WEBS.
What do you recommend I do:

  1. Just use “Acme Internet”
    2 Register “Acme Internet LLC” and change my Amazon business name to same
  2. Open a 2nd Amazon account just for wholesale (loose all my vendor reviews)
  3. Other

I would recommend filing the LLC in the same name. There is no need to change your seller name.
Just make sure that you change the owner info in your account to match your new LLC.

So I have the DBA “Acme Internet”
I then register “Acme Internet LLC”
I have a Sales Certificate listed as “Acme Internet” (had it for 4 years), do I need a new Sales Certificate for "Acme Internet LLC or will the existing certificate work.
Broader question, Trent says I need an LLC. I assume this is for credibility. Would my DBA and existing Sales Cert be sufficient…

@almoodie I’m not sure about this. We try to stay away from giving legal advice but maybe @Trent_Dyrsmid or @LizD will chime in here.

Amazon requires a good reason to open a second seller account. You can probably have it done but I’d suggest you consider registering the LLC in the same name. Again, that’s not legal advice tho :slight_smile:

LLC is not just for credibility but liability also. Most brands will be fine with your current sales certificate; the DBA vs LLC may actually never come up… maybe if you’re importing something through customs.

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Thank you LizD and all.