Cashback cards for non US citizens?

When speaking about cashback cards,I hear people often mention Chase (Ink,Saphire),Capital One (Spark),Amex (Platinum,Centurion),etc. for business purpose or Uber Visa or Alliant Visa for personal use.

I checked those cards,but - when you read the small print - they are available only to US citizens (continental US+Hawaii+Puerto Rico…).

Does anyone know some cashback card,that can be used in USA as non US citizen?

That’s a good question - anyone here have any luck?

I would definitely do a Google search on this one. You might do better having a cashback card through a bank in your home country (you don’t mention where that is). Or reach out to where you currently have credit cards and see if they are of any help.

I know that years ago when I moved to the US from Canada (I have citizenship in both countries), credit history was the issue. I was able to get a card through a professional association I was a member of (NSPE). But, I was a citizen so I’m not sure that helps.

Where I come from that system (cashback) is yet making baby steps…it was first introduced last year (before last year here virtually nobody knew that such thing exists)…so you can imagine “how far” we came with it.

I called the bank to ask…there is almost nothing for me.You can gain some cashback in certain (local) supermarkets,but only for a limited time (during the summer).And on some gas stations (again,locally).Nothing else :frowning_face:

That’s why I ask if there’s somebody,with experience for cashback cards for non-US…