Catalogs Analysis Best Practices

Hello all, I found it’s a very lenghty process to go through catalogs and choosing the right products to order. I found my self also going through the same products multiple times to double check prices, competition, etc.

Do you have any best practices and tips to recommend to go through a catalog?
For example, analyzing a TA or ScanUnlimited catalog, do you add colums, filters or format things differently in order to be more efficient in analyzing the catalog?

Thank you!

@gianmeliShanghai We typically analyze the products AT LEAST twice. Unless things progress very quickly, you have to account for changes over time. If your initial analysis and order are just days apart, I’d still recommend analyzing twice. Shortcuts and under-analysis are good ways to lose money.

One thing I have picked up for large price lists though, is I will have PC2 give me both current buybox, and 90 day average buybox side by side. It’s a good way to quickly see if there is price volatility. I’ll do the same thing with BSR also to see how constant sales have been.

Hi @Mitch

Is there an SOP for this step?

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@Adrian Absolutely. The SOP is PURCHASING: New Product Step 1: Pre & Post PO Actions.

In the SOP, Task 32 is “If You Want to Purchase Products”. In this step, you assign a double check either to a teammate, or yourself. If the deal progresses quickly, the double check should be enough. If it takes a month or two to close the deal, you may run the analysis portion of the SOP 3, 4, or 5 times.