Celebrate Your Wins/Milestones

Hey everybody,

First time in the forum, and I thought it might be fun to have a thread to celebrate our wins. I think it’s a great way to stay accountable and take action, since it’s so easy for the force of average to try and drag us down.

My win: On Friday we received our first shipment from our first supplier! :smile: SUPER excited.

We got everything packaged that night (too excited to sleep), despite having only a vague idea of what we were doing, and we dropped the shipment off with UPS this morning.

If everything gets to Amazon and is right, it might be a little miracle, but we’re taking baby steps.

Despite fear, self-doubt, and that little nagging voice that keeps telling me we’re crazy, we’re doing it anyway.

Excited to hear your wins!

Best Regards,



Hey everybody,

We were slacking a little bit on the VA front because an opportunity came up for some quick cash, and we just had to take advantage. Our plan is to now strategically deploy this capital into our Amazon business in order to get to our monthly sales target.

Just wanted to share a couple of updates.

  1. The attached image shows our progress so far. We’ve now officially had our “holy crap this stuff really works” moment. :smile:

  2. Yesterday we had our biggest day so far, as we hit the $200 day mark for the first time.

  3. Currently working on getting our VAs hired so we can scale this puppy

Hope everybody is doing well!



So excited for you @MBahe!! Keep it up!

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First time here on the forum and saw your WIN. Keep it up and keep us posted of more WIN’s :slight_smile: I’m going to start sourcing my first product for Amazon and wish me good luck in finding one so I can celebrate my first WIN



Thanks very much! Will do. :grinning:

That first one is a little scary, but it’s the first step into a whole new world of possibility.

Best of luck! Can’t wait to celebrate it.



Thank you Matt!