Cheapest way to send money to the Philippines

Paypal’s failures are unending. What is a good alternative?

This is my current favorite service to send money abroad:

If anyone knows of one with lower fees, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

Can I ask what kinds of failures are happening with Paypal? They say:

"Send to a PayPal email address or a mobile number. If your recipient does not have a PayPal account, you can create one quickly and for free.

How much does it cost?

2.00 USD when paying with bank or PayPal Cash or Pay Pal Cash Plus account balance.

When will the funds arrive?

Money transfers usually within seconds to a PayPal account. Then, 2-4 days for withdrawal to a bank account."

Seems like a reaonable cost.

Paypal is blocking my employees from receiving their money. Most the
time they charge $5.00 per transaction.

I’ve been using Remitly to send money to my VAs in the Philippines for a several years. It’s instantaneous and completely reliable.

Veem works great for me! :smiley: