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Choosing a niche for selling on Amazon

Trent recommends choosing a niche category for selling Wholesale on Amazon. How important is this.
Here’s the list of categories I have narrowed it down to:
Automotive & Powersports
Camera & Photo
Consumer Electronics
Grocery & Gourmet Foods
Health & Personal Care
Industrial & Scientific
Office Products
Personal Computers
Tools & Home Improvement
I’m hung up here, any input appreciated.

@almoodie You may have trouble getting input on this as other sellers don’t want to point you toward the niche they have also chosen. Be sure you are considering object size, category revenue size, number of sellers in the category (tough info to find), and category growth.

Also look for any missing roles within the niche you may be able to fill. If you have prior experience in any of these niches it would be a good selling point when talking to brands.

I think the best niche is the one that has a good demand instead of the season and the competition. The weight of a product also plays a significant part in determining the shipping charges so while selecting a niche keep the size, demand and competition in mind.

There are a lot of tips on the Internet about finding a niche to sell on Amazon. For example, here is information about trending products on Amazon. Also, there are a lot of tools that help with product research on Amazon. Just get a free trial of one of them.