Competitors extractions is a sustainable business model?

If more and more of us extract competitors products lists and look at the same competitors, and contact the same brands, and sell the same products, how is this model going to be sustainable?
How is sustainable in general the wholesale model since more and more people will jump in the same products? And what is the strategy to not fall down once products will get more and more saturated?

It’s not criticism, I’m looking to make more sense of the business while I’m working on it, any insights from experts would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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It sounds like it would but we have to know the perspective of how many products there are Millions. I am sure there is a chance for sellers to overlap and saturate some products. You also have to consider the acceptance rate of getting the brand owners to sell to you.

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There are over 500M products on There are over 100M prime customers. Plus, Amazon has markets around the world.

Yes, the market is highly competitive, but no, there is no lack of opportunity.

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