Converting from TWF Scouting & Sourcing Spreadsheet to WEBS


I purchased WEBS and am getting acquainted with the processes. My question is I have a little over 200 product leads I’ve scouted, have passed the 21-point checklist, and have email contacts or webform links to start contacting in my TWF Scouting & Sourcing Spreadsheet. I would like to upload this information to HubSpot to start sending out emails. I have set my Contact Properties and Data Fields up in HubSpot according to WEBS setup. Do I transfer the info from TWF Spreadsheet into the fields of the WEBS Master Import Sheet or the Product Extraction Sheet and then upload to HubSpot?

If not, is there a more efficient way of doing this that gets the same result?

Thank You

Hi Kevin,

You would transfer that data into a Product Extraction Sheet. I’m not sure what all data is in the TWF Scouting & Sourcing Spreadsheet so it may be a little funky but I’m sure there is some data crossover between what the two spreadsheets find important.

As far as overall strategy, think of the Master Import Spreadsheet as your directory for imports. You will only have one copy of this. You will have many copies of the Product Extraction Sheet. One for each extraction you do and each one will be recorded in the Master Import Spreadsheet.

Thank you Mitch. That helps tremendously. I saw a diagram that illustrates the workflow for the whole (WEBS) system. Does there happen to be a diagram (or something similar) that shows the sourcing workflow? Just how you explained that there will be many Product Extraction Sheets for every extraction is great information I wasn’t aware of and I think it would be great info for newbies who purchase WEBS to see on a diagram how those things work together.

Also, some type explanation/definition for each heading in the spreadsheets. For Example: Google Sheet URL on Product Extraction Sheet. What is that referencing? It would be nice to see that in the spreadsheet when you hover over the Heading.

A fresh perspective from a newbie

Thank You

Hi Kevin,

I’m not sure if we have a diagram of just sourcing. Basically though, you have two options: Leaf Sourcing or Brand Sourcing (Option 1). Within Leaf Sourcing, we have SOPs to do extractions using PC2 and Tactical Arbitrage (Option 1b). So you decide whether to Leaf Source or Brand Source and start at step 1 of whichever you choose. You then proceed through the SOPs numbered by step for whichever direction you chose. If you chose leaf sourcing and want to use Tactical Arbitrage, you go from Leaf Sourcing Step 1 to Leaf Sourcing Step 2 with Tactical Arbitrage, and then Sourcing Step 3, 4, and lastly 5.

No matter which direction you choose, you start with the Overview and HubSpot Configuration SOPs. You then will end with Handling Bounced Emails and Recording Your Statistics.

Each heading in the spreadsheet should be explained in the SOPs if they aren’t self explanatory (such as the Google Sheet URL).