Copy or Move Widgets to Another Task (or Template)

I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently rolled out this feature that was requested by many of you :slight_smile:

If you’d like to copy or move one or more widgets to another task (either in the same template, or in a different template), follow these steps:

The source template must be open in edit mode. Then click the checkbox on the top left corner of the widget(s) you want to copy or move:

Next, click the green Copy/Move button that appears:

You’ll then see a dialog like this. It’s easiest to Search for the destination template name, however you can also browse for it:

Then, select the destination template (keeping in mind you can choose the source template if you just want to copy/move to a different ask within the same template) and the desired task you want to copy or move the widgets to:

Important: Double check that the “Selected Template” and “Selected Task” is correct!

Then click either the Copy or Move button:

Then if you open up the destination template and the specific task you selected, you’ll see the widget(s):

Got any feedback? Let me know!

Got any other feature requests? Get them added to our list.

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Awesome thanks Kane!