Dealing With Idiots

Anyone have any creative way to deal with other sellers that keep cutting prices? Ya Ya Ya, I know the BS of, they got a better price than you so they can sell lower. In my case they don’t get a better price than me because there are only 3 distributors in the US of this product and mine has told me many times that they all sell at the same price.

With that. Has anyone ever contacted other brands to explain to them how the BB works? Since this is only talking about sales and not the price. It doesn’t count as price fixing. It is in the Grey area but hey. What ever.

Anyone have any good strategies other than not selling this product any more?

@Mitch & @LizD Might have some insight into this!

@scottschmitz I don’t think we have ever reached out to sellers to discuss pricing before but sometimes I would certainly like to. Distributor sourced products are often very price competitive but, if the brand has MAP in place, you may try reaching out directly to them to start a conversation. It could be a good in to better pricing or marketplace exclusivity.

If there is no MAP policy or the brand doesn’t care, you can keep an eye on the seller’s stock and wait for stock outages or quit buying the product. Distributor products are tough like that as a good money maker can be flipped off by a low I.Q. seller at any time. Sorry I don’t have any great strategy for this.


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Contacting another seller is a violation of Amazon TOS, so don’t do that.


thank you.