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Does the buy box gets shared with items sold by Amazon?

Hi everyone,

Like the title suggests, does Amazon share the buy box? Let’s say I have my products listed as FBA.

Thank you in advance!


Very rarely.


I don’t compete with Amazon much anymore, but when I did I’d look at keepa to see if there was evidence. If the Amazon price is steady and the number of sellers fluctuates a fair bit they probably share. If there’s a steady stair step down, I interpret that as a repricer trying (and failing) to get the buy box. Of course Amazon can change their system at any moment, so proceed with caution.

In my experience no. I have tried setting my price the same as amazon and never sold anything. I have had to go a penny less then Amazon to get the buy box. I usually sell out my stock in a day or two then close my listing.

Thank you everyone! Doesn’t seem like it is worth the effort to sell when Amazon got the buy box.

Keep in mind: Amazon is not a great “seller.” You can compete with a lower price and/or a good relationship with the brand!

Amazon does share buy box sometimes. Go to keeps click buy box and if orange lines go up and down then amazon shares buy box. How much they share is another discussion.

Like others have said, check Keepa graph and when you look at the BB price, you can see easily if Amazon has shared the BB in the past. I do not have direct experience of competing with them for the BB, but I know of many who do it with success. However, just because they have shared it in the past is no indicator that they will continue to do so. Their platform, their rules. :slightly_smiling_face: