Domestic vs Filipino VAs

Hey everyone -

Need your opinion and experience on outsourcing with domestic vs Filipino VAs. I need someone to contact suppliers and scane Excel spreadsheets and estimate quantities to order for my Amazon business. Currently, I pay a domestic VA $25/hr to do this, and she’s okay. She’s got a great attitude, but doesn’t source a lot of profitable product, unless I hand suppliers her way. This is a fairly complex analytical task…

Do you think I can outsource this to Filipinos and have success…or is it a higher paid ($20+ per hour) work to outsource to domestic VAs?

Thanks for your opinions!


If it’s something that you can create an effective yes/no procedure for, I think you can find a Filipino VA who has some math/accounting skills to do so effectively… either way, I’d say it’s worth a try as you’re paying >5x what you’d pay someone in the Philippines…

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With a good VA , you can have this done for $3 to $5 per hour. Just need to interview and sort through them (Like you would here), and give them an excellent SOP , then no reason to be paying $25 per hour. Including finding supppliers. I use Filipino VA;s for everything except phoning US customers and initial calls to develop a supplier relationship

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How do you find your VAs? I use and they keep sending more expensive ones.