EFT Call Summary for Oct 16 2019

We had two people on the call today; Stephane Yelle and a new member by the name of Nick Shucet. Stephane is doing six figures a month in wholesale and Nick is doing six figures a month in RA and wanting to expand into wholesale.

On the call, we talked about:

  • What is working for Stephane for brand outreach

  • The sales rep that works for him and how she is paid

  • How WEBS and Flowster have helped Nick in his RA business

  • What is wrong with Nick’s website and how to fix it

  • The importance of how you position your company when talking to brands

Regarding his website, I gave Nick the following advice: Study Netrush.com and Pattern.com to see the types of content they publish and then do something similar. He needs to write the content himself, and if he doesn’t know how to build a Wordpress site, he can easily find helpers on Fiverr.com or upwork.com. It will be very inexpensive. The other thing I suggested was that when talking to brands, he needs to position his company as an omni-channel retailer, and the website must support that talking point.

If you aren’t yet an EFT member, become one today.

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