Email sourcing SOP missing?

Under LEAF PRODUCT SOURCING: Step 2: Product Extractions with Tactical Arbitrage - Step 9 (Copy data to Google Spreadsheet)

  • We’re instructed to populate the Google URL column as it’s going to be used for the import step (Step3 of the Email Sourcing Process)

I can’t seem to find the SOP for the Email Sourcing process or is it referring to the following SOP?

SOURCING: Step 3: Importing Leads into HubSpot

@Wayne are you asking about the SOP that walks you through sending the actual emails?

Step 2 walks you through finding leads, step 3 walks you through bringing the leads into Hubspot and step 4 tells you how to send the emails.

Does this answer your question?

@Mitch This is directly from the SOP for Step 2 (Product Extraction)

Populate Google Sheet URL

The final step is to copy and paste the Google Sheet URL into the column titled Google Sheet URL .
You can use for this step. This should be the link to the Product Extraction WEBS Spreadsheet .

We use this for the import step (Step 3 of the Email Sourcing Process). It will import into Hubspot later on. This allows us to easily locate the initial Product Extraction data while following up with the brand.

I can not find any SOP titled Email Sourcing :frowning_face:

@Wayne All of the steps are part of the email sourcing process. If you are talking about the SOP that actually shows you how to send the emails, then you are looking for step 4.

You can also reference the sourcing overview to see how the process all fits together.

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

Your welcome @Wayne. By the way, what do you love about WEBS? We’d love to hear it. Please post to our Amazon Wholesale Success Facebook group and let others know about your journey.