Exclusive With Brands

I have a brand that has agreed to let me have an exclusive relationship with them.
The first thing that I know I need to do is create an outline of what we will do and then have a contract signed. I am thinking of the following.

  1. Register their brand.
  2. Determine how many listings we will optimize. (I am thinking 5)
  3. Negotiate pricing.
  4. Decide if there will be a 3 month trial phase or not.
  5. Agree that any photos that we take and provide remains our Intellectual property and that if we no longer work together. They have the option to buy the images from us or delete them from the listing.
  6. Optimize listing.

Can I get some feedback from anyone that has done this before?

What is your timeline for this? With Optimizations, you need to make sure that you have time for them to change and to see if your changes are actually increasing your sales.

Five listings is a lot, and for us, this would be about 10-12 months of work and testing. It is a lot to manage 5 listings at a time. Especially if they get reverted to the original.

I would have the brand take photos or offer promotional images, this is their brand and eliminates the expense of images (which can be thousands of dollars for decent images).

My wife is a professional photographer. Since my photo cost is 0. I am thinking that we will take photo’s but if we ever part ways with the brand that they will need to buy those images from us or take them down.

Would you have any idea how to value images? Lets say that the listing sells at $30.00 and sells 200 per month. That is about $6000 per month of rev. I could value an image at $3000.00 as over the year that would be about $72k per sales.

your thoughts?

Also are there any flows or web pages that you could recommend on what to optimize first? I do have my game plan but am always looking to improve it.

@scottschmitz That is great that your image cost is 0! We have never had suppliers pay us for listings, so I wouldn’t know how to value it. If it is not a cost to you, then I think that would be a great value add or “gift or service” for your suppliers.

It is up to you if you want to charge them, but personally I think it would be better to either have a flat fee or to offer it as a partner gift. Offering services like this shows that you care about the brand and your long-term relationship with them.

WEBS has an Optimization template in the Product Listing Folder.

One thing I would really upsell is optimizing back end keyword optimizations (we use Helium 10 for this —we have a code that we use for 10% off, and we included it in the Free SOP in the Flowster marketplace). It takes very little time to do, especially with H10 or VL, but can make a huge difference. We make sure to mention that front end and back end optimizations are different.