FBA inventory storage fee breakdown

Hey guys!

I’m looking for a report that shows FBA storage fees that we get charged. Specifically I want to see it broken down by unit. Does something like this exist?

Thank you very much.

@randy1 I know Seller Legend reconciles expected vs actual fees in its sales stats if you are looking at sales that are over about a week old.

Through Amazon, you can see what you will likely be charged per ASIN by going to Reports -> Fulfillment -> Fee Preview.

Thanks @Mitch! However that’s just estimates, is there no report in Amazon that shows the actual fee breakdown?

@randy1 if you are just looking for storage fees, two down from the fee preview is the Monthly Storage Fees report. From that you can find what you are being charged per unit per ASIN. It includes item volume, size classification, and volume cost.

It’s broken down by warehouse so, if you want to be sure of total cost/unit, you’ll have to do a sumif function by ASIN to find what you are being charged across all warehouses.


Thank you Mitch!

Anytime Randy!