Gated WEBS customer section

How do I become un-gated in the WEBS customer section in the Flowster user forum?

@Jake Done!

I’m getting an error msg when I click on this link.

Maybe try logging out and back in. I just checked and you’re definitely in the WEBS Customers group.

Hi, what does this mean? I am WEBS user but I do not know anything about this

@Fauzi_T there’s a category in this forum that’s private, for WEBS customers only.

I just added you :slight_smile: (you may need to logout and back in to access it)

Hi Kane, I’m also a WEBS customer could you ungate me also?

@mtn421 done :slight_smile:

Same here…I’m a WEBs customer but get Access Denied. Please ungate me. Thanks!

@PLWSeller done!

Please ungate me too! I’m a WEBs customer but get Access Denied. Thanks!

@GMART done!

We have product sourcing. Do we qualify?

@APlusSeller you betcha - I just added you :slight_smile:

Hi Kane,
WEBS customer here requesting access. Thank you!

@JJH228 done!

Hey @Kane - same, please (WEBS customer here, hoping to access the private forum)! Appreciate it!

Done :slight_smile:

Would I be able to get ungated as well? Thanks!

@Heath you got it!