Getting a VA for 1.50

How do I find a VA for $1.50
FreeeUp requires minimum of $5
and I’ve some people apply to my listing on, but most of them want higher pay
Also has monthly fee. Once I hire, do I cancel the onlinejobs account and pay the VA myself?

@LizD Might have a good response for this.

We have found very few VAs willing to work for $1.50/hr… we usually start them at $2 and up.

In our job posting, we ask them for their expected rate of pay. That makes it easy to weed out anyone who expects too much.

But honestly, our goal is to have them all at $3+/hr after 6 months (because if they’re good enough, they’re worth that… and we want them to stay).

We find them all on… we pay the monthly fee and cancel our account before 30 days is up. Therefore we’re only paying for 1 month of the subscription. We find we can hire within 30 days.


What platform do you use to pay them?
On PayPal I noticed there was fee when transferring money to their accounts.

I use Paypal. I reimburse them the Paypal fees on their next payday.

Has anyone used Been to pay their VA’s? Any feedback on it’s comparison to PayPal?

We use Veem

We used a combination of paypal and upwork for processing payments but have moved everyone to transferwise to ensure they get as much as we are paying them as possible. It also hooks into hubstaff so the payments are automatic just as if we were using upwork.
Edit: I want to mention that we we only move them off the tracking and payment platform we hired them on after working with them for a while.

As a beginner, I understand sourcing is most important, and a VA should do it. Should she/he work on all 5 sourcing steps or just steps 2 and 3? As of right now my VA is part time (1.50 an hour). I might turn her into full time if I find a really good account.

@mshayanh13 Not all sourcing steps are fit for a VA. In the overview on the templates there is a bio with who should complete the SOP. If you are only having one VA work, and at that level I would recommend that your VA only work on step 2 and you complete the others. At least until your VA learns the system or you have more VAs.