Getting Started SOP - Required software needed to start

Hello everyone, After quickly going through all the SOPs in the Sourcing folder I did not see any instructions to use Keepa or How Many #?

It looks like to me I need the following until I get my first account (including doing research to provide value):

JS Pro
LinkedIn Business
Viral Launch (needed for analyze competitors)
Scope (keyword analysis for value proposition in emails and calls)

If HowMany#? is needed to analyze competitors on Amazon then shouldn’t there be an SOP in the sourcing folder with a task maybe for brand research purposes?

Also it seems like potentially a paid subscription to keepa my not be necessary because (please correct me) Viral Launch will help you identify products sold by Amazon?

If any of you have suggestions about software needed, especially if I missed anything for Value Prop research (maybe Helium10), to get started please weigh in with your reasoning.


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Hi @Cameron.B both Keepa and How Many are used in Purchasing: New Product Step 1 to do further analysis into brands you are in the process of landing. The Keepa box is something you’ll naturally just starting peeking at when you open a product page as it is a good source of quick information. For deep analysis, the data tab of the Keepa box has very useful information such as the 90D Buybox average and 90D average sellers. If you don’t have a paid account, you can access the data tab about 10 times per month.

How many is used to see inventory levels. If Keepa says the 90D average sellers number is 2 and there are currently 3 sellers but How Many shows they only have 3 items in stock, you can guess with decent certainty that the seller will not remain on the listing. Still ask the brand about them though. Both tools I use daily and would recommend trying the free version and moving to paid if you see fit.


Hello Mitch, thank you for explaining! I can now fully understand their role in sourcing.