Hasmat Approval

Would anyone that has been approved for the HASMAT program be able to give me some pointers on what is needed and what to expect during the approval process?

I applied and I got response that says, we are no longer taking applications but you will be put on the “waiting list”. A couple weeks later I got a notice saying you have been approved to the HAZMAT program and can now sell products that are “HAZMAT”.

When I applied I also received that Amazon was no longer taking applications. I continued to let them know that I was interested and when the application process re-opened I was approved.

Hazmat Approval is fairly simple. It is invite only, as far as I am aware. It is just an application and the Amazon team will get back to you on it.

I have a related question. I have a limited approved for Hazmat products, but can’t locate a shipper who can transport these items to an Amazon Warehouse. USPS, FedEx and UPS do not accept Hazmat shipments. So what shipper is available for domestic Hazmat shipping?

Check this site out. They may help. https://www.freightcenter.com/quote/Index/

Douglas; I have been able to ship hazmat items like aerosol cans. Choose USPS parcel select/ground or Fed Ex Ground and be sure to use all the proper markings revealing the hazard. Hope this helps.

With respect to the HazMat approval you’re talking about, does this include the “FBA” for HazMat? We were approved for HazMat, but told by Amazon that the HazMat FBA is not taking any more sellers/products. Our competitors are selling similar products via FBA because they applied longer ago, so it’s difficult to compete with them.

One thing to keep in mind with Hazmat that we learned after a long time of shipping hazmat is that Amazon’s definition of Hazmat and carriers like UPS/FedEx are different at times. Many items that we sell as Hazmat items on Amazon are not actually recognized as Hazmat by the carrier. I would speak to your carrier partner to understand how they define Hazmat, so you are not paying more than you should for shipping into AMZ.

We do sell our Hazmat items FBA

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Ben, when is the most recent time you were able to get a HazMat product into FBA? I’m wondering if if we should reach out to Amazon again to see if they would accept our product now?

There is a couple scenarios that happen. From our experience Amazon has items they identify as Hazmat and are never allowed FBA ( we have only had this happen on 2-3 items) and then the bulk of the items we sell are available to sell FBA if you are approved for Hazmat. Many items we run across get flagged as hazmat and they are not, so we submit a case with proper documentation and can get them out of hazmat. (SDS sheets etc)
We have listed and sold new Hazmat items FBA as of last week.
Hope that helps

Hi Ben,
It does. I went back to the Amazon seller guidelines and reminded myself that our product is a Category 1 hazmat so is prohibited from FBA.