Help with LTL

Hi all!

First time trying to send products into FBA and need help with getting my head around LTL.

I was confused with the LTL process so I reached out to Amazon and they advised steps below.

  1. You (seller) has to provide an FBA Booking Form (
    2.E-mail the form to your carrier along with a link to the User Manual for Carriers. (
    3.Your carrier have to create an account by logging into the Carrier Appointment Request Portal to request an appointment. link:

Do I need to complete steps 1 to 3 or is that what my supplier need to do?

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi David,

I believe the steps that they listed for you are if you are using your own LTL company rather than going through an Amazon Partnered Carrier. Are you planning on shipping this with an outside company or an Amazon Carrier?

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Hi Janeen,

There is currently no Amazon Partnered Carrier in Au for LTL. I am going through my supplier’s carrier so you are right. I believe I have to go through the steps.