Hiring first VA

I’m working on hiring my first VA and now working on creating a task for qualified applicants. I have a few questions on which SOPs they’re exactly supposed to follow & work on. The HR SOP “Creating Tasks” only talks about assigning and creating a Product Extraction Flowster workflow but does not elaborate which ones should be done by the VA applicant. Below are my questions:

  • Is this SOP just talking about making VA do numbers <#8 Extract the Full List of Products> and <#9 Filter Data in Excel> only?

  • There’s no mention that I should add the VA applicants to my Snovio, Jungle Scout, RevSeller and Hubspot accounts but all of those are necessary in following the "Product Extraction using PC2 SOP. So should I add them?

You will find that every SOP has a description field, and in that field, it will tell you if that particular task is something we recommend you have a VA do. Does that help?

Got it. BrightIdeas support desk helped me figure it out as well.

Thank you.