How can i open the category on amazon?

How can i open the category on amazon? I want to ungate toys and grocery, medecine. What should i do?

@Khan Find products in each category and try adding them to inventory. At some point, likely immediately if you are gated from the category, you’ll have to apply to sell the product. They will either then accept or deny your request to sell in the category and the product.

If denied, put a ticket in with Amazon to appeal the denial and keep at it until they grant you the ability to sell. There are also some good un-gating services such as the Funnel Guru who can help if you are struggling to get ungated.

Ive tried funnel guru. They aren’t professionals as well as the price is too high. Im gonna try myself. Also your advice is profitable. ty

Thank you @Khan. Hopefully no paid assistance is necessary getting un-gated. I agree that the price of Funnel Guru is high. They have gotten us un-gated in the past with a product we were struggling with though.

Well, i found the answer to my question. For not much words i left the link.