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How I quickly evaluate a brand's potential

Hello everyone…today was my first day back in the sourcing saddle and as I’ve been working my way through my leads (replies to the emails we sent out), I thought I would share with you my ultra-quick brand analysis strategy.

When I receive a reply (regardless of what they say in the reply), I do the following:

  1. Pull the brand summary report on Viral Launch. This tells me the trend in sales volume and average price. I can also quickly see the top products and how many sellers each have.

If I don’t kill the deal at this stage, my next step is:

  1. Look at the Helium10 product listing score for the top 3-4 products. Ideally, I’m going to find listings with a score under 7/10.

  2. Type in the main keywords from the title of each of the top 3-4 listings to see if ads appear for these keywords. Ideally, no ads appear.

If #2 and #3 are in my favor, I’m DEFINITELY going to call this brand because their marketing sucks and so do their current sellers. They just probably don’t realize that yet and it is my job to help them see the light.

When I reach out, I’m asking to schedule a call (online meeting) so I can screenshare and run them through the results of my Brand Pre-Call Research SOP.

Hope this helps!


So Viral Launch seems to be giving more information than the Jungle scout extension. Do you use both or just recommend VL?

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@Christine_M You could use either. We prefer the Viral Launch and Helium 10 extensions, and are in the process of transferring out of JS. However, this is personal preference-- I know TWF is a big fan of the JS extension.

How would we respond so that someone accepts our online meeting request.
Do I call the company and ask to set an online meeting later that day or week or do I email them the request for a meeting?
And why would they accept? Wouldn’t they think it’s a waste of time dealing with potential Amazon sellers?

I send them a link to my online calendar and they self schedule. We then hold an online meeting using Zoom so we can see each other’s face and I can, if needed, share my desktop with them. They take the call because, thanks to what I wrote in my reply to them when I asked for the call, they see it as a good use of their time.

So first I contact the brand (either the general/info email or the email found from snovio) with a short email
If they say no and it’s a good brand then I send them email giving them real info on what’s wrong with their listings and invite them to a zoom meeting so that they can hear more
So we never make a phone call but rather a video call
Is this the contacting process basically?