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How is brand health calculated?

How is brand health calculated?

Hi @jims,

Currently three metrics are used to measure Brand Health. These are:

  1. Competitive Price

  2. Amazon Prime Eligibility

  3. In-Stock Rate

The Brand Health status is based on your historical performance (an average of the past 30 days), so actions taken today will take time to reflect in your score.


Thanks Mitch!

I’m guessing nobody except Amazon knows what the actual algorithm is, right? Just that it uses those metrics?

@jims I believe so. I’m not sure if it’s a flat 33% weight or if they have unequal weighting. Measurement of the three metrics is something to look into as well. In stock rate, for instance, takes into account the portion of page views for each listing. So being out of stock of high velocity products will affect brand health more than low velocity products. I’d recommend typing Brand Health into the search bar in Seller Central to learn more.

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