How to create Approval workflow

I am trying to create a workflow where a task (or tasks) is completed by one assignee and then there is a step/task for the previous tasks to be approved by a different assignee. Even better would be if they don’t approve it goes back to the first task for the first assignee to update (and the approval process repeats). Is this possible?

I have setup one simple task and assigned it to a guest user and then another task that I assigned to myself as an approval. It seems that even though I assigned the “approval task” to myself, the first person (guest) is able to update the approval task.


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Hi Stephen! Thank you for sharing that use case.

I think a combination of one or more of these feature requests would accomplish what you’re wanting:

Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the response. It’s definitely a combination of these. I have voted on all 3.

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