How to Find and Hire Well Trained VA for AMAZON (back end work, listing, support, reimbursements)

How to Find and Hire Well Trained VA to help us manage AMAZON work.
I am referring to work related to “back end work, listing, support, reimbursements, etc.”

We are well established business and currently use our full time staff who manages everything here form our US office (we are based in St. Louis, MO)


Shawn Chhabra


Occasionally you’ll find VAs who have done similar work in the past, usually those being let go by another Amazon seller. I would look (or post) in this forum (you already have!) and any related FB groups.

That said, we always like to hire our own and train them so that we have them do the work in the way we’d like. Granted, our “training” is pretty easy since we just assign them workflows using our SOPs. We also have SOPs we run for the entire hiring process. We usually hire from


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