How to get a quote for my item?

Hi all, I have a price for my item from the brand owner but how do I figure out the shipping and handling when it reaches Amazon? Which prep centre do I go for an estimate of the shipping rate?

I have an item with 5.6 lb shipping weight and 4.8 lb item weight. Which one should I use for the shipping rate quote? And how much usually for a pound of shipping rate?

We have a standard price per pound we use for rough estimates, but especially if you’re dealing with something >1lb, you’ll want to get exact quotes from a shipper (not prep center).
If you’re ordering small quantities, UPS will do for a quote. For pallets, search for a LTL broker in your area.
For shipping in to Amazon, you can build a sample shipment to see what pricing will be (just stop after you receive the price and before you approve payment!)
Sorry I don’t have any good referrals for prep center, other than to say look for one near where your supplier is located. Perhaps post the state they’re in and others will share prep center recommendations.

Thanks for your reply. I thought Prep Center will also ship the items? So if they do not ship the items, how do I process from BO to Prep Center? Using shipper? And I am not living in the US, so do I need to find prep center that is located close to the Brand Owner? And why do you need to look for the nearer one to where you live?

A prep center close to the brand’s warehouse will minimize your shipping costs from the brand to the prep center (NOT near to where you live).
The prep center will manage your inbound shipments, but if you’re just trying to figure out shipping to determine whether you’ll make a profit on the item (to decide if you even want to purchase it), that’s when you’ll want to build a fake shipment.

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But prep center does shipping as well, right? Or I have to find a shipper to ship from BO to prep center?

The prep center ships to amazon. The bo most of time will ship to prep center. Talk to bo how much need to buy to get free shipping. If no free shipping ask bo how much shipping if to high need to look at shipping company to get quote. Most of time is bo will charge 2% to 10% for shipping.

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