How to get a Reseller Permit in USA as a Canadian?

I am a Canadian Citizen and planning to start wholesales fba business on
When I try to contact a brand or their wholesaler to buy product from them they ask for a reseller permit (to avoid paying sales tax). I am quite confused that as a Canadian I can get a GST number here for tax purposes but how would I get a reseller permit in the USA?

@WawaJi A lot of brands will accept a GST. They just want proof they are dealing with a reseller and not an end buyer.

Getting a US Reseller Permit as a Canadian company doesn’t sound all that easy but I’ve never done it. I would recommend getting in touch with a lawyer or the US Department of Commerce to get legal instruction on how to do this.

Hi Mitch,
Thank you so much for your reply to my query.
I think if Canadian resellers are already doing wholesale fba in the USA, using GST/HST number as a resellers certificate then I would go through this route.
Thank you

Sounds good @WawaJi. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!