How to reduce ACOS?

My ACOS is around 70% right now. Which is pretty bad for my profit margin.

Any tips on how to get it lower?

@jims it’s tough to know what improvements could be made without going over the campaign(s). There is a lot of information online about Amazon advertising you can look through. Here’s an article that had some good steps to lowering ACoS.

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I thought this was a great episode for that

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Thanks guys!

Here are a few ideas to help you try and lower your amazon PPC ACOS

  • Lower your bids
  • More Reviews
  • Price reductions
  • Higher star rating
  • Better photography
  • Add infographics to your images
  • Add a video to your listing
  • Change your copy
  • Change Your Title
  • Eliminate poor-performing keywords

Each of these ideas should help you improve your conversion rate. Just know that when you first launch a product on amazon (Which it sounds like you just did) your ACOS will naturally be high because you are starting with no reviews. Your PPC ACOS is affected by your Conversion Rate, so make sure you are doing everything possible to improve that.


@chcsteele9 Good point. ACOS isn’t a direct measure of conversion due to the keywords targeted to get the prospective customer to your listing (as in they could be looking for a different product and have no interest in yours), but conversion rate is very important to having a lower ACOS.