How to remove Amazon from listing?

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So after a month of negotiations with a brand i finally got exclusivity!!! So brand has huge problem because Amazon is selling their products and they don’t know how is amazon buying their stuff? and of course amazon as a seller is not follow MAP policy and they would like if i can take control of entire brand on Amazon. This brand has a revenue of around 40,000$ a month.

So my question is how can i stop Amazon of selling their products on brands listings?. Because Brand owners doesn’t know where is Amazon buying their products from.

And is there any sample of how exclusivity should look like ?

Hope some one know answer !

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ivan. I’m assuming Amazon’s inventory is listed as new and not damaged product? Does the brand sell through any distributors?

Hey @Mitch

Yes it’s listed as new. And yes Brand is selling tru a lot of distributors. And brand doesn’t know who is selling to amazon…

So they wanna give me exclusivity and to force amazon out of listing .

@Ivan This is going to be a tall task. A lot of the work will need to be done on the manufacturers end. Manufacturer needs to be sure that distributors know not to sell their products to online retailers. It will still happen but it’s easier to get people off the listing if they were told they can’t sell online.

Also special labeling can be used for each distribution channel. A few months after you have applied the labels, buy from Amazon. Then see what numbers the product has and you’ll know which distribution channel the product came from.

@LizD may have some other tricks as well.

Some distributors will not cooperate with the brands effectively enough to keep Amazon off the listing. So the first step should be to determine whether their distributor(s) will.

We know brands who have cut off major distributors because they wouldn’t cooperate. Your brand may have to make some tough decisions.

If the distributor will cooperate, they should work with the brand to ensure that all buyers know that products may not be sold on Amazon.

Either way, Amazon often buys under another name. Here are a partial list of Amazon brands, but they may buy under other names as well:](

Mitch has the right idea with the special labeling. If a distributor is cooperating, you are still likely to see people buying products from them and illicitly selling on Amazon. Special labeling (or even marking with a black light pen) will help identify where product is being sourced.

There are all sorts of grey market ways Amazon gets their hands on products as well.

As for the exclusivity contract, send me an email and I’ll send you a sample template. Thanks!

Thank you on such a useful information ! I will send you email.