How to sell a lead on the idea of product reviews = more sales

Hey -

So I have a lead I want to approach with the idea of creating automated emails using Feedback Genius to increase their product sales. They’re going to list some items on Amazon, but I don’t think they realize how long it can take to get enough reviews to get their sales flowing.

I want to set up automated emails, customize them to the product, and create a PDF to drive their review rate up to 6-7% using Feedback Genius. I haven’t done this with new listings before, so I’m trying to figure out how to discuss this so it’s set up for win-win from the start.

I’d also offer to monitor and respond to negative reviews for them.

Anywho, I’m thinking of telling them they’ll get a much slower rate of reviews without using automated emails or a PDF, which means if I add those two types of value for them, that will shorten their time to grow sales significantly. And the same with responding to the negative product reviews.

So, do I tell them I expect about a .5% review rate without any emails sent, 2% with a custom email sent, and about 6% if we advertise a bonus PDF? And then hold myself accountable for showing them those metrics with Feedback Genius.

And if they’re convinced, only after they see that value would I ask them to sign a contract.

It’s scary. Haven’t done this before. Just know it works.

Interested in your advice,


I would caution against promising 6% feedback rate… that’s very high even with a PDF. Instead you might find a 3rd party blog post that explains the benefits of properly managed reviews… if you don’t want to point them to the Feedback Genius site you could rewrite a post on your website.

Okay. Good to know. I had heard 6-7% from some sources. But I think your approach is wiser. That might be dated info.