How To Setup Facebook Ad Manager And Create Ads That Convert

How to Setup Facebook Ad Manager and Create Ads That Convert

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SOP Overview

In this SOP, you will learn how to develop targeted Facebook Ads using Ad Manager.

Why Is This Important?

The Facebook Advertising platform can be an integral and effective addition to your advertising efforts. Used properly, you can really boost your conversions and increase sales.

What Is Covered?

You will learn about:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Setting up a Facebook Ad account
  • Billing options
  • Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Setting up audience targeting
  • Various Facebook ad types
  • Developing powerful Facebook ad creatives
  • Facebook Ads reporting options

When To Run It

Run this for every Facebook brand you manage.

Who Should Run It

It should be performed by someone in your advertising department.

Software Required

A Facebook account.