Hubspot Changes

I tried out the Hubspot free version over a year ago and it worked well for me. I successfully set up zaps to transfer information from my product evaluations into custom fields in the deals section and it successfully conveyed all the info to my partner who was doing brand contacting. Unfortunately my partner and I had a falling out and I quit using it. I went back to it tonight and all of my info was gone so I had to create a new account and it wants me to upgrade to a professional account to make the custom fields. Because the professional account is out of my budget I am looking for alternative CRM options that are budget friendly and will allow some customization. I would also be open to a work around on free hubspot, but it seems so full of marketing to upgrade your account, I can’t say I’m a huge fan. Before I never felt like I was using free software, now I feel like the free version is a sales tactic so you upgrade. If anyone has any suggestions any input would be appreciated.

@Kstots All of your contacts were gone? Could they have been deleted by the partner you had a falling out with or are you sure HubSpot deleted them?

HubSpot changed how many custom fields you could have with a free account. We adjusted the custom fields in our SOPs to account for this by making some fields Vital and others Non-Vital. If on a free account, only set up the Vital properties. If you ask Flowster for the updated version of the templates, you’ll see how it can be set up.

As far as other Free CRMs go, you can likely find some but you will run into similar issues. No CRM wants you to have a free account indefinitely. They all want you to upgrade down the line and will limit capabilities to push you to do so.


Do you use Gmail/Gsuite for email? If so, I highly recommend checking out Streak