Image in Text Widget

How do I insert a small image between some text in the Text widget? Cut and paste? I tried that url image icon and could not figure out how it worked.

@BetterLifeSales I’ve never done it that way before but it did allow just to copy and paste in the text widget for me. Also, if you right click the image and copy image URL the image icon worked fine as well. Either way you want to do it should work.

@BetterLifeSales here’s how the Image button works in the Text Widget:

One drawback is you need to have a URL of an image, it won’t allow you to upload the image file. Sometimes I use Google Photos for image storage and copy the URL from there, but there’s a bunch of other image hosts too.

Alternatively, you can use a Text Widget, then an Image Widget, then another Text Widget to accomplish this.

Hope that helps!

OK I will try it on a few SOP’s

i tried to put a snagit pic into my google photos and copy it address but it only gives my the link address and not the image address.

@BetterLifeSales with a snagit pic I’d think you’d want to go with text widget, image, text widget. @Kane may have a better answer for you if you want to put it within the text widget though.

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