Improve Brands listings (wholesale)

Hello! Anyone knows how to modify an existing listing of a brand? (images, text, title, etc)?
Can I do it directly or only the company who first opened the listing can do that?
Anyone is helping brands to improve their listings?

@gianmeliShanghai You can modify Product Listings that you are currently selling on. However if you are not brand registered or the brand owner, it can be common for your listing to revert once you run out of stock.

Thanks for your answer.
When I modify the listing, will that modify it for all sellers (thus benefiting all) or only when I have the buy box?
I’m talking about the wholesale model so I’m not the brand owner.
I would like to understand if I can tell the brand owner or distributor that I could help them improve their listing (pictures and text) perhaps for free in order to sell the products for them.

@gianmeliShanghaiIf you modify the listing and your changes are accepted by Amazon then it changes the listing across the whole platform.

Even if you are doing the wholesale model, a brand can make you the brand owner or sign you up to be a brand registered agent under Brand Registry. This helps you update listings, and helps make sure that your changes stay posted.

You can offer listing optimizations as a part of your value ads, we recommend it.