Lack of responses

My partners and I are having a problem with our product sourcing SOP strategy. Everything seems to be going really well, we’re finding competitors, have VA’s extract and filter to find brands. However, where we are getting hung up is contacting. We are getting close to 0 responses. We can’t figure out whether its snovio and extracting the wrong emails, or if we should be trying to email the brands directly. Or possibly our email template. Somewhere between finding the contact info via snovio and sending our email template we’re getting 0 responses.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do people have their VA’s find contact info or do they do so themselves? If so is snovio productive for others?

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I’m also having a hard time finding success in my contacting brands. I understand patience is key in the process but I’ve sent out nearly 100 emails and still haven’t had any responses.

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I’m also getting no response from my campaigns @dstdllc @dstdllc.

I’m suspicious that it may be related to my website & Linkedin profile which are both a work in progress.

My email templates are also suspect because I didn’t have any to begin with. I had to write it from scratch.

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How did you go about determining what your issue may be? I am having a hard time even troubleshooting where I am going wrong. Is it my title? Could it be the body of the email? Am I emailing the wrong people?

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We have our VA find contact information and send the initial email. We monitor personally from there. I would say if we send out 100 emails we would get 25 replies within a day or so. We don’t tell the brand in our initial email we are an Amazon seller. Some brands will figure this out and others won’t initially. We have always been honest once we get the conversation started that we sell on Amazon. We aren’t trying to hide anything.


The contact quality is also a strong variable here. Low quality contacts (i.e. info@, service@, cs@, etc.) should get you higher open and reply metrics but also won’t land you as many quality responses. Sometimes these emails do get forwarded onto the right person but often not.

It is more difficult to go through and filter quality responses out from generic responses but it may be worth it to decide which contact type and strategy you wish to pursue. If you are getting 0 responses be sure to try a couple of online domain health checkers to make sure your emails aren’t going directly to spam also.

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