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Launching A New Product

I’ve just started working with a brand that has some promising products. At the same time, they’ve just landed a licensing deal with a well known brand and now they’re planning to launch a new line of products.

I’ve been an FBA seller for a few months - only - and I’m not inclined to shy away from this opportunity. The little I’ve read regarding product launches leads me to believe it’s important to get the launch right, otherwise there’s a risk that the brand/products will take a long time to reach their full potential, if ever.

From the brand’s perspective, their plan seems to be “hey, we’ll work with a few sellers on this new line, give them some great content, and we’ll really blow it out…” I’d like to do better than conjure up some happy thoughts and hope for the best.
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be very welcome!

Launching a new product can be very difficult. If you want to get your foot in the door, think about what you can offer them. PPC would be a good idea, because it can really help a launch and it will only work if you have the Buy Box.

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